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Wedding Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

Wedding Ice Sculptures

Wedding ice sculptures should be crystal clear and they should also preferably be hand carved and can also include names and dates that can be engraved into the sculpture.

In this way, it is possible to create some truly unique and fantastic wedding ice sculptures that will enhance the wedding venue. These sculptures are normally designed to last for about six hours and almost every one of them can also be luged.

Different ideas

There are a whole host of ideas for your wedding ice sculptures. From entwined hearts, Single Swan, Offset Heart to Heart with Bow to Funky Hearts, there are many different designs to choose from. Most of these wedding ice sculptures weigh around ten stone and will be made to order. Once made, they look very photogenic and one can touch and admire them without fear of spoiling the sculpture.

Right size

It is important to pick a right size for your wedding ice sculptures. Mostly, they are one meter high although companies that make such sculptures can make it to any size. If the sculpture is large in size it will also last for a lot longer and in addition, such sculptures lend them very well to having fine details carved into them. It is however a good idea to stick with shapes that is strong and bold. They will weigh anything from 6 to 23 stone.

Bear the weight

Before placing your wedding ice sculptures on a table, you must ensure that the table is strong enough to bear the weight. Sometimes, people have an idea about how their wedding ice sculptures should look but when they check the company’s list of wedding ice sculptures they might not find that particular kind of sculpture on the list. In such cases, it is important to provide the company with a rough idea about what you want and then the company will handle the rest.

Safe to build

However, most companies that make wedding ice sculptures will tell you that they only make the sculptures if they are safe to build and it must also be able to last for at least six hours. These companies can also show up to 2000 photographs for you to pick from. Once the wedding ice sculptures are in place at the wedding event, they will start melting. In order to drain the melted ice out, it is necessary to make use of drip trays that are often supplied along with the sculptures.

From the tray, a tube runs into a bucket that can be concealed underneath the table and out of sight. Mostly, the drip trays provided with the wedding ice sculptures are quite attractive and so will not detract from the look of the sculpture. Most companies ask that clients place their order at least two weeks in advance though they can also create the sculptures at shorter notice but you may have to pay extra for this.

Most companies also require that you complete an order form that should be faxed or emailed to them. Once the sculpture is delivered they expect you to pay by cheque or cash.