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Vodka Ice Sculptures

Vodka ice sculptures are ice sculptures that allow you to make vodka flow down or even over the sculpture.

All that it takes is to pour the vodka from one end and then it will pour out from the other end. Vodka ice sculptures are a good way of making money. You can, for example, purchase such sculptures for about 150 pounds and then by selling vodka at 2 pounds per shot you can recoup your costs by selling 75 shots. Every shot sold above the 75 shot mark will be a small profit for you.

Make money

In most cases, you can recoup the cost of large vodka ice sculptures in just two hours and if it is use for 8 hours, there is plenty of money to be made. What’s more, vodka ice sculptures are also a good talking point and make for an excellent subject for photographers. They can also become the focal point of the event and people will have something to talk about for a long time to come.

Use with different drinks

Vodka ice sculptures can also be used with any kind of drink including Bacardi and a vodka flaming sambuca. You can also adapt them for drinks that are fruit based.  There are different designs that you can choose from including of a male or female torso. Some people prefer a ski jump while others prefer a birthday age and still others prefer James Bond cars. These ice sculptures make an excellent addition to PR events and birthday parties and all it takes is to find a company that has the expertise to make the right kind of vodka ice sculptures.

A good ice sculpture company will be able to produce perfect vodka ice sculptures for all kinds of events including wedding receptions and theme nights. Each vodka ice sculpture comes with a drain tray that is well designed and which is capable of draining the water out of the ice sculpture as soon as the ice starts to melt.

Talented carvers

It is important to choose an ice sculpture company that has talented ice carvers who can make any kind of sculpture. In order to make your vodka ice sculptures work for you, it is important to have a strong table with four legs and on which a nice table cloth can be placed.  It is also necessary to decorate the drainage tray with flowers or some other attractive material.

You need to specify the time when your party or event is to start and then have your vodka ice sculpture delivered half an hour prior to this time. Once the sculpture has been properly set up it then takes another half an hour to get the sculpture ready for the pouring of vodka through it. Guests can then pour shots or the ice sculpture company can provide trained persons to man the sculpture.

The best way to catch the vodka is by trying to catch it in your mouth but some people prefer catching the vodka in a glass.