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Icecraft UK is one of the best companies to get your UK ice sculptures made.

This is a company that can add a special sparkle to your ice sculptures and in this way it can give your sculpture a touch of quality elegance and a unique finish. This is a company that takes pride in being able to provide customers with a wide range of services and designs to suit their pockets and needs. If you are looking to wow your wedding guests at your wedding then you need to deal with UK ice sculptures companies such as Icecraft UK.

Icecraft UK

For excellent UK ice sculptures, Icecraft UK offers you their exquisite Love Swans that you can display individually or they can be placed together in order to look like a heart. You can also pick any color for the swans and you can also match them to a particular theme. Swans are certainly very unique and look equally good when displayed on or close to the wedding table. They can also be placed strategically and with proper use of up-lighting and backlighting as well as display snow will look exceedingly exquisite.

Complement the swans

That’s not all, because you can compliment these Love Swans with some smaller sized Display Swans which in turn can be placed on different tables in the room. Each swan has a hollowed out back and is an ideal option for placing a few bottles of Champagne or some food or even floral displays.

Icecraft UK is certainly one of the better UK ice sculptures companies that are dedicated to ensuring that your wedding becomes truly memorable. They offer the most stunning ice sculptures to the wedding venue and do so very punctually and can offer advice before the wedding to ensure that you get to use the perfect ice sculpture.

Lasts for 2 to 4 hours

These UK ice sculptures will generally last for between two and four hours during which time they will not lose any significant amount of definition. Depending on ambient temperature and size, these sculptures will last for different periods of time. In order to remove the melted ice, you will need to use drain trays that are delivered as well as set up by Icecraft in a completely attractive and purposeful manner.

These UK ice sculptures will be delivered by Icecraft at the desired position about half an hour to sixty minutes prior to the time specified by the customer. They will offer a discount if the wedding venue agrees to accept the ice sculpture up to four days before the wedding. Icecraft UK is also willing to store and position its ice sculptures for you on the wedding day.

Coloring the ice is a free service provided by Icecraft. They can also provide up-lighting and back lighting as well as will provide display snow and even display ivy. Check their prices before ordering these add-ons. The best time to place your order with them for UK ice sculptures is about a month prior to the date of the wedding.