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Ice Sculptures London

The Ice Box is a leading UK specialist in ice and is an excellent source for ice sculptures London.

This company provides the most inspiring designs and creates ice sculptures for corporate events, publicity stunts, weddings and parties. They understand the importance of ice which is a medium that can be used for several different purposes including creating a dramatic visual impact at an important event.

If you are looking for themed ice sculptures London, then it certainly pays to check out The Ice Box whose address is A35-36 New Covent Garden Market, London, SW 5EE.

The Ice Agency

If on the other hand you are looking for hand carved ice sculptures London, then you will do well to check out the Ice Agency which is a specialist company that handles everything for you. They can create ice sculptures in every different shape and size and they will also custom build your ice sculptures to suit your particular needs. Regardless of whether you live in the UK or elsewhere in the world, this company is there to serve you.

Crystal clear sculptures

This ice sculptures London company makes all its ice sculptures from ice that is absolutely crystal clear and each sculpture is crafted by teams that are dedicated to creating a work that exactly matches your demands. Each of their ice sculptures come with drain trays as well as a tube. They create ice sculptures that are elegant and unusual and will help to make your wedding, party or even corporate event a huge success.

This ice sculptures London company also guarantees that 99 percent of their ice sculptures can be transformed into a Vodka Drink Luge. This means that if you like any of their ice sculptures you can also ask them to adapt the designs ever so slightly to help convert them into a drink luge. Even if you cannot find a suitable ice sculpture in their catalog you can get in touch with them and request them to come up with designs that suit your tastes and needs.

The Ice Sculptors Ltd

The Ice Sculptors Ltd is one of the better ice sculptures London companies. They are well respected for providing the best ice sculptures and that too at affordable prices. They have a team that is only too willing to make your wedding, party, anniversary or any other form of social gathering that much more elegant. Their ice sculptures will shine like true diamonds and will help to make an event a truly memorable one.

Today, ice sculptures have become all the rage and so there is a steady demand for them. From wedding ice sculptures to animal ice sculptures, this ice sculptures London company handles all your needs. They are specialists in ice sculptures and will provide you with just what you need.

To place your order, you need to contact them after which they will guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your ice sculpture. It pays to place the order at least a month before the planned event. They also deliver the ice sculpture to your address at no cost to you, provided you get the sculpture delivered in London.