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Price Of Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

Price Of Ice Sculptures

Before shopping for ice sculptures, it certainly does make sense to pause to find out what the price of ice sculptures is.

The simple truth is that each different ice sculpture is priced on an individual basis and the price of ice sculptures will depend to a large extent on the quantity of ice used, the time taken to carve the sculpture and on a few other factors as well.

Complexity of design

If you check price of ice sculptures with individual ice sculptors, the prices will vary according to factors such as complexity of design and the size of the sculpture. It is therefore a good idea to obtain a price quote from individual ice sculptors so that you can assess which sculptor is offering the best price. The price of ice sculptures also depends on the amount of ice used.

Amount of ice used

For example, an ice sculpture made from a single ice block measuring 40 inches in height and which is 20 inches wide and 10 inches from front to back will normally cost between 250 pounds to 350 pounds sterling. A package such as this also includes professional set-up and a drip tray measuring 18 inches by 24 inches.


If you want to create an ice sculpture from a bigger chunk of ice then the price of ice sculptures will go up by about 5 to 10 percent. On the other hand, prices for double block ice sculptures will be about 75 percent higher. Some people choose to have their company logos embossed into the ice and for this they will need to pay a different price, depending on the amount of ice used.

Delivery charges

Delivery charges need to also be factored in when calculating price of ice sculptures. For a certain distance, most ice sculptors do not charge for delivering the sculpture but when the distance is above that then they will add an additional charge which is usually calculated according to mileage.


At the same time, it is also possible to avail of discounts which are offered for multi-block deliveries and there are also discounts (wholesale) available for a weekly order. Remember however that price of ice sculptures is determined on an individual basis and so one should compare prices from different sculptors to see which one the best for your needs is.

Save money

It is also possible to save your hard earned money by accepting your order to your home or event location during the week. If you choose to accept the ice sculpture few days ahead of the planned event such as from Wednesday to Friday, you can cut the price of ice sculptures by a small amount.

One can also avail of ten percent discounts on multiple sculpture single deliveries. Similarly, if you order 3 or more ice sculptures each month you stand to get a ten percent discount. If you also do not ask for an especially large ice sculpture and if you keep the design simple, it is possible to find ice sculptures that are more affordable.