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Ice sculptures Molds

Creating beautifully elegant ice sculptures with ice sculpture molds is one of the reasons why some people and even ice sculptors chose to

make use of such molds. However, before making use of the mold it is important to understand a few things that can help you get more out of your efforts. Choosing the right type of mold is among the most important decisions that need to be made before choosing your ice sculptures molds. In this regard there are three major types to choose from.

Polycarbonate Molds

Polycarbonate molds tend to be very clear and allow you to check and determine whether the water has frozen and that your sculpture is finished and ready to be used. These molds can be used over and over again and this is a major reason why they are chosen over ice sculptures molds that can only be used once.

Latex molds

Latex ice sculptures molds are available and can be used when you want to remove the sculpture without much fuss or bother. These molds are known to be elastic and this feature makes it very easy to remove the sculpture.

Fiberglass molds

Fiberglass ice sculptures molds are made up of two halves that are equal in size. These molds are liked because they make it easy to take out the sculpture after the water in the mold has frozen up.

Use a Freezer

You can use ice sculptures molds to create your own sculptures but first you must place the mold in a freezer. Once in the freezer, you will need to choose a temperature at which to freeze the water. Depending on the temperature setting, you will need to leave the mold in the freezer for a particular length of time. However, you should allow for up to 24 hours for the freezing. If the sculpture is of a medium size, then it may take 48 hours for the ice to freeze and for a large sized mold, it can take up to 72 hours before the water freezes.

Clear ice

The best ice sculptures are those that are made from clear ice. To ensure that the ice remains clear, it is important that you avoid filling your ice sculptures molds with tap water. The right option is to make use of distilled water because it helps to produce absolutely clear ice.

Fill the mold

It is important to fill the ice sculptures molds very carefully. It pays keeping in mind the fact that water expands as it freezes. Therefore, do not fill the mold to the brim. Fill ninety percent of the mold and allow for ten percent expansion as the water starts to freeze up.

Remove the sculpture

Once the sculpture is ready, it is important to remove it very carefully from the ice sculptures mold. It is never a good idea to dip the mold into water in order to extract the sculpture as this can cause cracks in the sculpture. The right option is to place the mold upside down and let it remain so for a short period of time after which it is easy to remove the sculpture.