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Ice Sculptures for Weddings

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Ice Sculptures for Weddings

Ice sculptures for weddings are surely going to add a certain sense of beauty to the occasion.

If you are planning on using them then there are a few factors that need to be addressed. First and foremost, it is important that you make a decision as to what type of ice sculpture is suitable for the big occasion. Depending on whether the wedding is formal or otherwise, you will want to pick different types. For formal occasions, it pays to go with more sophisticated ice sculptures whereas for informal events it pays to choose something that is more fun.

Important concerns

Having decided on the kind of ice sculptures that you intend on using, it is then time to address a second important concern. It is first of all necessary to decide upon the location where the ice sculptures for weddings are to be placed. There are several options available including to place them on the table which is going to hold the gifts from guests. Some people prefer placing the ice sculptures on the table reserved for the wedding couple.


A foyer is another place where the ice sculptures for weddings can safely be placed. This is a good idea as the ice sculpture will be the first thing that guests get to see as they enter the reception area of the wedding venue. Some people prefer placing the ice sculptures for weddings near the cake. It all depends on your personal preferences and also the size and layout of the room.

Weight factor

It also bears keeping in mind the fact that ice sculptures for weddings tend to be very heavy. Typically, they may weigh between one hundred and fifty to two hundred pounds and so before setting them on a table it is important to ensure that the table is strong enough to support such weights.

Choosing the Artist

One of the most important considerations when choosing ice sculptures for weddings is finding the right artist to create the sculpture. If you are not sure about whom to ask, be sure to ask for recommendations from those you know including family members and friends and also your co-workers. If you wish to check those artists that you do not know, then try checking The National Ice Carving Association whose website will list various artists that work near to your area.

There are many options open to you in terms of picking suitable style and price. Picking a customized design makes sense but it will also be costlier. Skaters, Skiers, Big Bears, Sitting bears are a few sculpture ideas worth choosing from. Once you have found an artist to create the desired ice sculpture, it is important to place your order well before the actual wedding date.

Once the ice sculptures for weddings arrive on the wedding day, you can only display them for between five and eight hours which is about how long they can be expected to last. However, a larger sculpture will last for longer. Be sure to place a drip tray which will catch the ice as it melts. This tray should be cleverly hidden from sight.