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Ice Sculptures Faqs

Before purchasing your ice sculptures from an ice sculptor it is important to learn about a few things about the ice sculpture you plan on buying.

The good news is that virtually every ice sculptor offers you information via ice sculptures FAQ which will answer most of the questions that you will want to have answered. Some ice sculptors even include their company history at the head of the ice sculptures FAQ so that customers can form an idea about whom they are dealing with.

Why ice?

One of the most common questions that are asked and for which ice sculptures FAQ have answers pertains to what makes ice so special. A good ice sculptor is one that produces their own ice for their ice sculptures. In this way they can ensure that the quality of their sculptures remains high and it also allows the ice sculptor to freeze elements into the ice to make the ice sculpture more attractive. They can also ensure that the ice remains crystal clear and is of desired thickness.

What tools?

Before purchasing your ice sculptures, you should also ask the sculptor about the tools that they use to make their sculptures. The answers that they provide can help you form an impression about whether they are capable of creating the kind of sculpture you need. Here again, you can find the answers directly by consulting the ice sculptures FAQ of the concerned ice sculptor. In most cases, they will be using tools such as angle grinders, die grinders, chisels and specialized drilling bits. In addition, they will also use warm clothing and other protective gear.

Where do you work?

It also pays to find out where the ice sculptor is going to create their ice sculptures. The answer to this question can also be found in the ice sculptures FAQ section. A good sculptor is one that has dedicated facilities or failing that they must have a large enough freezer in which to create their works.

What kind of ice sculptures an ice sculptor can create is of course a very important question. For answers as to the range of ice sculptors that the sculptor can create, you will do well to consult their ice sculptures FAQ section where they will provide a brief write-up regarding what they can do. Normally, they will be able to create any kind of design and will inform you that they can create logos, animals and even create replicas of certain products.

They will also inform you about the numbers of ice sculptures made by them each year and will offer to advice you regarding which sculpture is the best for your needs, budget and occasion.

Customers will also be interested in knowing more about the time that the ice sculpture will last before it melts away. Here again, the answer can be found by consulting the ice sculptures FAQ section at the website of the ice sculptor. Mostly, answer to this question is that the sculpture will start melting after 6 to 8 hours but this time can vary according to factors such as room temperature and exposure to lighting and even direct sunlight.