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How Much Are Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

How Much Are Ice Sculptures

The question, how much are ice sculptures, can be answered in different ways.

At one end of the spectrum, it is possible to find truly inexpensive ice sculptures that can be made at home and at the other end there are the more intricately designed and large ice sculptures that are going to cost a lot of money. This shows that when you try and find out how much are ice sculptures, the answers will vary from as little as approximately 10 pounds sterling to over 3000 pounds sterling.

Homemade ice sculptures

Typically, a homemade ice sculpture will be the cheapest and can be obtained for as little as ten pounds sterling; provided you make use of a gelatin ice sculpture mold and you make the ice sculpture on your own. On the other hand, it is also easy to find typical ice sculptures for a cost of between 160 and 250 pounds sterling. Then again, if you opt for a very small sized tabletop ice sculpture the cost to you would only be as little as 30 pounds sterling.

Higher costs

The more elaborate the ice sculpture is the higher will be the costs. For such sculptures, the cost could vary from five hundred pounds sterling upwards. If you are looking to find out how much are ice sculptures that are made by well known ice sculptors then the costs would be in the range of 2500 pounds sterling and more.

Original piece

If you want the ice sculptor to create an original piece or one that is customized for you, then again you will have to check with them regarding how much are ice sculptures. Ice sculptors can work on the basis of your ideas and they can create any kind of ice sculpture for you. If you are not sure about which design is best, you can consult with them and together you can come up with something that is satisfactory.

Of course, if you are looking for something that is more affordable, you should get in touch with several vendors to enquire from them exactly how much are ice sculptures going to cost you. Different vendors will give you different estimates regarding how much are ice sculptures. The good news is that there is no obligation to buy from them. The more you compare their estimates the easier it becomes to find a vendor that is offering the best ice sculptures at the most affordable rates.

Ice block

The cost of the ice block also affects how much are ice sculptures. Furthermore, if you require more details in the ice sculpture, the costs will go up accordingly. The number of ice blocks used will also have an effect on the cost of the ice sculpture and the same holds true for overall extent of the ice sculpture. You must also factor in costs of delivery which will be levied if you want the sculpture delivered beyond a certain distance. Depending on the additional distance covered, the company will charge extra. The price of your ice sculpture therefore depends on a number of variables.