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Cost Of Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

Cost Of Ice Sculptures

There no doubts the fact that ice sculptures are very impressive and can turn an ordinary event into something that is much more spectacular.

However, not every piece of ice can be called an excellent sculpture as only if the ice is made with imagination and talent you can expect it to turn out right. Besides the imagination used and the talent of the ice sculptor, it is also important to check whether a particular ice sculpture is affordable.

Costs vary

So, before shopping for them it is in your best interests to find out the cost of ice sculptures. The cost of ice sculptures can vary, depending on factors such as size and complexity of design. Typically, cost of ice sculptures start at 30 pound sterling for a small sized ice sculpture that can be placed on a tabletop. For a standard 36” design the cost of ice sculptures can be about 200 pounds upward for which price you can get a lovebird, swan or heart design.

Elaborate ice sculptures

If you are looking for ice sculptures that are more elaborate, then the cost of ice sculptures could rise to 750 pounds sterling and more. the more elaborate the design the more it is necessary  to use a more well qualified sculptor and this means that the costs would rise and can touch 3000 pounds sterling and perhaps even more.

Coordinate with sculptors

If you are planning on buying ice sculptors, you need to ensure that besides worrying about their costs that you also coordinate with the sculptor to have the sculpture delivered to the venue at the appropriate time. In case the delivery is to be made outside of the town or city in which the sculptor operates then there will be additional delivery charges which will increase the cost of ice sculptures. The charges levied are calculated according to the distance that is to be covered.

Lighting and special effects

Lighting (including colored lighting) is another factor that can increase cost of ice sculptures and the same goes if you want to make use of special effects like lasers and fogs. These can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of ice sculptures. The good news is that many ice sculptors offer discounts, especially if you are willing to let the guests at your event know who has created the ice sculpture. Or, they might also ask you to place a sign near their ice sculpture mentioning their name and stating that they have created the sculpture.

Sometimes, ice sculptors also ask for a deposit (about 50 pound sterling or more) which is for reserving a date. Also, most ice sculptors also ask that the entire amount be paid before they will commence working on your ice sculpture.

The best way to find the right ice sculpture is by speaking with caterers in your neighbourhood. You should keep in mind that it does not pay to select sculptors only according to their prices but it is much more important to select them according to the quality of ice sculptures that they are able to make. In addition, look for sculptors that are reliable and dependable.