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Christmas Ice sculptures

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Christmas Ice sculptures

Global Ice is a leading UK ice sculpting company that serves the UK and will be glad to provide Christmas ice sculptures to those who wish to make their Christmas a little extra special.

One of the main reasons why it pays to check out this company is that they have former World Champion as their in-house sculptor. Thanks to him, you can now get some amazing Christmas ice sculptures made. In addition, there are a whole range of other designs to choose from.

Popular designs

Sleighs and reindeers are some of the more popular designs for Christmas ice sculptures. You may also want to create Father Christmas ice sculpture. Regardless of the design chosen, you can be sure that your ice sculpture will make your Christmas that much more memorable. After you have placed your order for Christmas ice sculptures with Global Ice Sculptures Ltd., they will then allocate an ice block for your ice sculpture. These ice blocks are made by the company and can be readied in three days.

The advantage of using their own ice blocks is that they can freeze the pictures or flowers or anything else that you desire into the ice block.

Trustworthy and reliable

Global Ice is experienced in making all kinds of ice sculptures and has earned a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability and is reputed for the quality of their ice sculptures. They do not make their ice sculptures in molds and instead will hand carve each sculpture.

Sleigh rides are a good design option for your Christmas ice sculptures and the same goes for an angel. Some people prefer a Christmas tree while others would opt for snowflakes. A nice Christmas scene is another useful design option and of course Santa Claus is a perfect choice as well.

Small sizes

It is also possible to purchase smaller sized Christmas ice sculptures that can be placed on a mantle or even on the dining table. These ice sculptures will prove to be a point of interest for both kids and adults who will love watching the colors change.  If you would like to install a one meter high Father Christmas ice sculpture, you can expect to pay about 230 pound sterling for it.

Ice World

This and other Christmas ice sculptures are also readily available from Ice World that is another leading specialist in ice sculptures in the UK. This company operates out of London and is renowned for providing not only high quality Christmas ice sculptures but it also provides ice luges and at very reasonable rates.

Dealing with such a specialist in ice sculptures is a good idea as they have a team of ice sculptors that can provide a special touch to your Christmas ice sculptures and make your Christmas that much more special and memorable. They will carve each ice sculpture by hand and make it shine like a diamond. You can select any of their many different Christmas ice sculpture designs or you can ask them to create one to meet your exact specifications. Regardless of what you want, Ice World is capable of providing top quality Christmas ice sculptures that will be delivered to your doorstep.